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High Interest Savings Account


The Home Trust High Interest Savings Account is a great way to enjoy both growth and security. Our competitive interest rate enables your savings to grow, while giving you peace of mind that your investment is Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) eligible, up to applicable limits.

With this account you’ll benefit from

  • Earning Potential: Competitive interest rates are calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Security: Funds are eligible for CDIC coverage up to the applicable limits
  • Convenient: Access to your funds anytime with no maturity dates or lock-in periods

Contact Us

Advisors and Brokers: Leo Giuliani 1-877-903-2133 ext. 4644 / M: 647-802-2705 Account Inquiries Tel: 1-888-483-0272 Fax: 1-855-886-9868 Investors: For more information contact your Advisor.

Account Features

FundSERV Code

Class A: HOM100 Class F: HOM101

CDIC Eligible

Yes, up to applicable limits (


Calculated daily, paid monthly to the account as reinvested distribution

Plan Type

Registered and non-registered plans, including Tax-Free Savings Accounts


Canadian residents


Canadian funds only

Minimum Initial Investment


Maximum Investment per Account


Account Type

Nominee accounts only

Interest rate

Interest is calculated daily on closing balance and paid monthly to the account as reinvested distributions.


Allowed only through FundSERV. Unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals with T+1 settlement. (Daily transaction closing time: 4:00 PM EST)


T+1 settlements (Daily transaction closing time: 4:00 PM EST)

Pre-authorized transactions (i.e. PACs and SWPs) are now available.


Speak to your Financial Advisor about a Home Trust High Interest Savings Account!

Home Trust is a member of CDIC.

Product information
HISA Terms and Conditions
F Class

Date Class A Class F
August 30, 2012 1.35% 1.60%
October 31, 2012 1.40% 1.65%
July 27, 2015 1.30% 1.55%
January 28, 2016 1.20% 1.45%
February 2, 2016 1.05% 1.30%

*Interest rate quoted is annual for Class A units, and may change at anytime without prior notice.